So this morning I drifted away into one of my customary daydreams where I was attending the Cannes Film Festival. For what reason, I'm not sure. Maybe because Amal Clooney and I become besties  and she couldn't imagine a week in the south of France without her A1 hitta. (Yes, I have a serious girl crush on Amal Clooney and yes, my daydreams are very grandiose).  In any event,  I looked absolutely faaabulous dahlin'.


I was thinking about how we live in a world that constantly pushes  the idea of having the 'picture perfect life'. In a sense, we are in a constant state of daydream trying to attain that ever-elusive standard of perfection, that we aren't really present in the here and now. We are always dreaming of that next thing and that next thing and that next thing that will make us happy and fulfilled.  

While I think that it's important to allow your mind the freedom to envision the possibilities of what could be, I think it is absolutely  necessary to appreciate what is. Being able to be present is such a challenge in this day and age where there is always some form of distraction waiting to occupy our dwindling attention spans. It's almost as if we're so bored with our own lives that we would rather live in our daydreams. Or vicariously through someone else's seemingly perfect life.

It sounds a little preachy  but the present is truly a gift. There is nothing that can bring you true happiness if you aren't able to be happy with what you've already got. Comfort, yes but not happiness. Chasing happiness and fulfillment is kinda like... a dog chasing its tail. Have you ever seen a dog chasing its tail? 


He never catches it.

Don't get me wrong, I have always been a big dreamer. But when you are too busy dreaming/fantasizing, you miss out on all the magic happening right now. Your dreams shouldn't  distract you. If anything, they should motivate you. So yes, it's nice to let your head float up into the clouds every now and then, but this minute right now is all any of us really have.

Sure, it must be nice to win the lottery. Or take exotic vacations. Or buy all the pretty clothes you want. Or in my case, attend the Cannes Film Festival with Amal Clooney.  But what I've got right here, right now will always take the cake.

Now, excuse me while I go practise my grammy speech for Best New Artist . I mean, you can never be TOO prepared, right?

Love and Light,

Alicia x