A few years ago I watched a TED Conference about 'grit' being a defining characteristic of one's success. Of course, there will always be the over-night success stories that grab our attention, but those aren’t necessarily the stories that keep our attention. The stories of blood, sweat and tears, enduring discipline and relentless perseverance - those are the stories that inspire us and give us hope that someday, we too might be able to realize our dreams.

It makes sense when you think about it. How many incredibly talented people do you know? How many super smart people? These aren't necessarily the people who are able to move up the ladder of accomplishment or success. It's the people who are irresolute about what they want and want to achieve that come hell or high water, nothing will stand in their way.

No one's journey to success, whatever that is, is smoothly paved. Obstacles and set-backs are part and parcel of life. Grit is what will get you up when life knocks you down. Grit is what will keep you going after you've failed a hundred times. Grits are good with scrambled eggs and bacon. Nom!  Wait...forget that last one. 

Right now I'm so gritty that a thousand typhoons couldn’t get me off my path. Maybe a thousand and one but… I’ll blow across that bridge when I get to it.


Love and Light,