Over the course of the last few months I've made a potentially life altering decision. Recently, I've found that I've been waking up in the middle of the night with pangs of fear and anxiety, wondering if I've made a terrible mistake.

There is something about the old and the familiar that keeps us glancing backward, questioning whether or not we've made the right decision. The comfort of knowing what to expect and the ease with which we trod the same old steps keeps us happily complacent and the fear of the unknown keeps our wildest dreams just out of our reach.

But what if we took one teeny, tiny step outside of our bubble of familiarity. What if we decide, today is the day we're going to chase those dreams  we keep putting on hold. The dreams that, in those quiet moments of solitude arrest our thoughts and  force us to come face to face with the possibility that they can be realized. What's really the worst that could happen? Ok, I guess you could fail. But is failure such a bad thing? Some of greatest lessons in life can only be learnt through failure and the realization that failure is not the end. Failure is another experience had. Another lesson learnt. Failure is an opportunity for new possibilities, fresh perspectives and another chance to try again.

We're always told work hard enough, practice long enough, try hard enough, study hard enough...whatever we want can be ours. So why is it that there are so many people walking around, completely stunted by what's on the other side of fear. Is it really failing that we're so afraid of? If we can't face the fear of failure, we'll never know the thrill of flying. 

So tonight when I settle into bed and that pang of fear creeps up, I'll face it. Head on. So what if I fail? It won't be 'Game Over. It'll just be Round 2. As many rounds as it takes and as many lessons as it takes and as many tries as it takes to learn how to fly.