I have to admit, there is something incredibly satisfying about getting ready for date night and walking out of the room to Julien's mouth half-open and him stuttering "I can't believe you're my girlfriend!". Yes, it's sweet but before you start 'awww-ing' this is the same man who has asked me, "Why do you look so dusty?".

Suffice it to say that we like keep it 100 in our relationship.

As satisfying as it is to be able to 'wow' my man after a 4 year old and almost 6 years later, catching a glimpse of my reflection in a store window and having to do a double-take takes the cake. Perhaps it's because I am my own biggest critic but most days when I catch a glimpse of my reflection I'm wishing my hair wasn't sticking up or that I bothered to pluck my brows or that I took the time to blend my highlight and contour properly (I'm getting better though!) but on the days when I get everything right... sookie, sookie now!

When it comes to dressing or putting an outfit together, the first thing I think about is whether or not I feel comfortable and confident in it. If I don't feel comfortable, I won't be confident and I'll spend the entire time tugging and adjusting so everyone can see how uncomfortable I am. Which is why I dress primarily for me. I will take my boyfriend's opinion into consideration but no matter how much he likes an outfit, ultimately, it all comes down to how I feel wearing it.

Some men might be more vocal about what they like/don't like  about their girlfriends'/wives' outfits than others. It could be just a subtle compliment or comment. If they're anything like my slick-mouthed, opinionated boyfriend, he'll tell you flat out that he's not feeling your get-up. In which case I'd take a long look in the mirror an say something like:

"I think you need new glasses because I'm slaaayin' "

How much does your partner's opinion weigh on how you dress? Drop me a comment :)