Ever heard the saying, "Believe you can and you're half way there"? Now, I don't know much about Teddy Roosevelt but that is one of the simplest and truest things I've ever heard. 

Let me tell you, self-doubt is one of the most crippling obstacles that I have had to, and continue to contend with. You question every move you make, you wonder if every decision was the right decision, you can't forge ahead because you keep glancing backwards to see if it's too late to turn back....all incredibly counter-productive and only keeps you from truly progressing.

I truly believe that belief in self is THE single  most important ingredient of any success story. Because if the entire world believes in you, it won't matter if you don't believe in yourself. And conversely, if the entire world is against someone who believes with every fiber of their being that they can...you just stand back and watch.

It's hard dealing with doubts and criticism coming from other people but when it comes from yourself, it's so much more debilitating. Which is why it is so incredibly important, in whatever aspiration you have, to BELIEVE that you can. And if you don't believe, fake it. Do you what you have to do or say what you have to say to yourself, every day, several times a day, until you start believing.

For the past two weeks, I've told myself everyday, out loud..."My name is Alicia Lue. I'm a successful writer and blogger and my first screenplay is currently in development." Now...I've learned not to say it while standing in line at the grocery store, because...well, people will look at you like you're cray. Particularly if you smile at them and wave, but I digress.

In essence, if you believe you can, you can!